my name is ashley.  my friends call me higgs.  i’m a simple gal, really.  i love jesus, drink coffee, wear cardigans, and do crafts.  i hate it when my food touches.  i like for things to match.  i get frustrated when people don’t understand the way my mind works.  i’m creative.  i write the way i talk.  i like to think i’m quirky.  i read and write.  i value friendships.  i have a deep need to travel often.  i like holding babies and taking naps on rainy days.  i could dream for days.  so sometimes i do.

i have a passion to see the world changed.  i traveled with a group of crazy missionaries through the world race.  we went to 11 countries in 11 months serving the poor and learning to live a life that was dependent only on jesus.  since coming home in 2010 i have moved my life to gainesville, georgia where i serve on staff with the world race in their college-age department.

i’m thankful.  sometimes i’m so thankful i cry about it.  and other times i just laugh to myself and wonder how on earth i ended up here.  here in georiga.  here in a place of grace and freedom and redemption and community.  here in a place where i get to serve the nations by sending people to them.  people that will offer them hope.



2 thoughts on “about.

  1. Hello I wasn’t sure how else to message you so I just posted here. My sweet friend Amy doesn’t have a blog. She just made a video for their one year anniversary with the boys. Where did you come across the video? I know about it because she lives in my town and is a dear friend of mine. Do you know them? I read a little of your blog…like it:) Have you been reading mine or did you just find it? Have a nice week~Rachelle

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